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The Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO) thanks you for contributing ideas and creating the vision for our community's future. Cape Fear moving forward 2045 is a comprehensive transportation plan focusing on short term and long term solutions. Utilizing the MTP Public Input Map, individuals can bring community concerns to light. Users can anonymously submit new comments, review existing comments, and vote on comments or observations submitted by other users. Please select the link to get started.

The map has direction included on the front page of the map, please see below for more detailed instructions along with helpful pictures.

Please help the WMPO hear as many voices as possible by sharing this map with others in your community. Please select the link above and share your feedback.

How to use the interactive map

Please Note: All reports are confidential, your personal information (Name, Email, Phone number) will not be made visible to the public and will only be used to inform the user of future public outreach activities. If you would not like to receive any future information, feel free to leave these boxes blank while filling out the report.

Interactive Transportation Map

Interactive Transportation Map

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